The mystery of men

The Mystery


 The role of the male is hidden, much as few can see or prove the influence of our DNA on our children. Our role of supporting the growth of the family and our friends plays an enormous role, yet remains almost invisible.

No one jumps for joy when we pay the water bill, or refinance the mortgage, but those elements keep the environment for the family going. Our role is to provide continuity, and growth where possible.

It means we sign the paper to put a dear friend to sleep, even though we’d much rather hope for a miracle again.

It means we move whatever mountains are needed to make a good home for the ones we love, even if there is no fanfare or applause.

It means we keep loving and supporting our family, even when they despise us for the discipline needed to keep things going. For sometimes we need to be the boring parent, doing the pesky things, instead of being the hero parent, who does the fun and naughty things.

Our leadership is through the things we do, and the words we speak.  We need to accept it may be decades before anyone realizes our value; our challenge is to remain honorable, and true to our words, even when no one seems to notice them.