Common Flaws in Social Media Posts

After following several politicians on Twitter and Facebook, I got tired of pointing out the same flaws in their arguments or rants or conspiracy theories.

I assembled a collective response to the common flaws in an eleven page document, with 60 references to show I’m not just making stuff up.


2020 US election – Texas lawsuit

The linked file below has a one page summary of the lawsuit to overturn presidential election votes in four ‘battleground’ states, and the Supreme Court judgment on December 11, 2020. The full text of the original motion, a petition by president Trump, and the addition of 103 Republican House members to the suit are included in their entirety.


COVID-19 analysis

Updated 5/3/2020

When the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases is normalized by the population of the region, Spain and Italy are showing the highest rates of the regions examined.  Log-linear regression analysis of data from the last month shows that the doubling time ranges from 11 days for the United States to 31 days for Italy.

Analysis of COVID jbooker – RevB