Eating disorder demographics

This analysis was developed in 2007 based on voluntary surveys completed by people in the LiveJournal site ‘proanorexia’.  The goal was to understand the age, BMI, gender, and other demographic characteristics of members of that group.

Analysis of Surveys


Packing a main canopy

This paper was for a class on human factors and cognitive psychology.  The paper describes how to pack a main parachute (canopy), and gives some possible ideas how to improve the process.  The introductory material is very basic, and assumes the reader has no background in skydiving.

PSY332 final paper jbooker

Body norms versus intersex and transgender people

This presentation was developed to guest lecture for a history class, to explain how intersex conditions and transgender people emphasize to us how images of a ‘normal’ body don’t apply to a significant minority.

gender and norms


Instructions for packing a parachute (main canopy)

These instructions were developed after taking a class on the subject at Cross Keys Airport in New Jersey.  I am not a rigger, and you should take a class from a suitable professional.  These instructions are a reminder of the steps involved.



Dr. Leda Cosmides

This is a short presentation on Dr. Cosmides, a leader in the field of evolutionary psychology.



LGBT issues in Psychology


This is a report I just did for my history of psychology class.  It summarizes the history and major issues facing mental health professionals with the LGBT community.


Transgender congruence

This paper was done for PSY 280, Experimental Design.  It proposes an experiment to look for geographic variation in the amount of congruence transgender people feel with their identity and appearance.

PSY280 final paper jbooker