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Resign from the NRA

NRA Member Services

11250 Waples Mill Road

Fairfax, VA 22030


To Whom It May Concern,

I joined the NRA 37 years ago because I was a hunter and believed in the right of responsible people to enjoy firearms.  Over the years I have watched the NRA descend into blatantly partisan politics, as exemplified by the speech by Wayne LaPierre at CPAC 2018.  I thought the NRA was all about the peaceful use of firearms by civilians in the United States, not petty, bigoted, childish, name-calling.  Labeling everyone you fear as ‘socialist’ is a century-old political ploy, and I seriously doubt Mr. LaPierre has any idea what socialist really means.  For starters, it’s completely irrelevant in terms of civil rights.

The NRA has consistently failed to propose any viable solutions to reduce the risk of dangerous people getting access to firearms.  The recent endorsement of arming elementary school teachers is downright absurd.  Do you seriously expect a 50-year-old third grade teacher will confront an armed homicidal teen?  Jumping on the ‘bad guy is mentally ill’ bandwagon is no better.  Why is this argument never used against non-white terrorists?  Are they all miraculously sane, but white terrorists are to be pitied and slapped on the wrist?

The NRA does some good in terms of firearms safety training and supporting shooting sports, but that’s not enough to ease the profound shame I feel of being associated with it.

Therefore, I am cancelling my Endowment – Life membership, effective immediately.  Good bye.



Jennifer Booker


Eating disorder demographics

This analysis was developed in 2007 based on voluntary surveys completed by people in the LiveJournal site ‘proanorexia’.  The goal was to understand the age, BMI, gender, and other demographic characteristics of members of that group.

Analysis of Surveys

Eating disorder insights

This was written nine years ago based on interaction with people on the LiveJournal group ‘proanorexia.’  It is shared for historic value and to give insight into the mindset of people with eating disorders, not to encourage disordered behaviors.



Burlesque act composition thoughts

Here are some thoughts on the elements of composing a burlesque performance.

burlesque dimensions


Packing a main canopy

This paper was for a class on human factors and cognitive psychology.  The paper describes how to pack a main parachute (canopy), and gives some possible ideas how to improve the process.  The introductory material is very basic, and assumes the reader has no background in skydiving.

PSY332 final paper jbooker


Body norms versus intersex and transgender people

This presentation was developed to guest lecture for a history class, to explain how intersex conditions and transgender people emphasize to us how images of a ‘normal’ body don’t apply to a significant minority.

gender and norms


Instructions for packing a parachute (main canopy)

These instructions were developed after taking a class on the subject at Cross Keys Airport in New Jersey.  I am not a rigger, and you should take a class from a suitable professional.  These instructions are a reminder of the steps involved.