Skydiving accident description


This essay describes a skydiving accident I experienced this year which resulted in a tree landing, and a broken leg.  It is presented to help others avoid similar errors and get additional feedback from instructors as to how I could have handled it better.


1 thought on “Skydiving accident description

  1. Please see the SIM . Section 4, Category A, Sub Category F Landing Hazard. This is also a question that you have to answer for the A license. Avoid sharp turns near the ground, be sure you are steering into the wind, flare at HALF brakes. Etc please read the SIM

    Also you could have gotten small, bring your legs together and tuck them, go to half brakes…this could have gotten you back to the dz. You want as little drag as possible to go farther and half brakes will reduce your vertical decent.

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