Shark Dreams

2/17/12 – Shark Dreams

I was really little, maybe 5 or 6 years old when it first happened, living in Nebraska.  A dream.  We were living in a little suburban home, with a grassy back yard sloping away from the house.  In my dream I was walking away from home in the back yard, and tried to cross a long metal grating like you’d see over a sewer in the street or maybe a drain cover in a gas station parking lot.  Somehow I stumbled and fell through the grating, and found myself in deep water, apparently in the ocean.  A great white shark saw me and mistook me for dinner.  The shark opened its huge mouth to eat me in one bite, and I clearly remember panicking and trying to defend myself by holding my arms out to keep from being eaten.  My left hand went up, and the right hand down.  I watched my right hand reach out to block the shark’s enormous jaw, and it flashed through my mind that I was about to hold the shark’s jaw open by pressing against its teeth with my bare hand, and what a completely painful and silly idea that was.  The dream ended abruptly before I made contact with the shark.

The odd part?  I had exactly the same dream at least three times as a child.  As it repeated, I was lucid enough to know it was a dream, and recognize that it was a repeat of the same dream.  And still it unfolded exactly the same every time.

Around that same time, another shark dream occurred, but this one only once.  I was swimming in the ocean, and suddenly found myself in much deeper water.  Somehow I was ten or twenty feet underwater, without any pesky problems like breathing.  A hammerhead shark approached me, eying me curiously.  He got closer, and I heard him say something I couldn’t understand his words.  I asked him to repeat it, and leaned my head closer to him, his head now only a foot or two from mine.  He did repeat it, but I still couldn’t understand.  The dream ended without resolving what the shark was trying to tell me.


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