Bumper stickers

2/19/12 – bumper stickers

My first vehicle was a beige full size pickup (1985 Chevy, to be more exact).  I soon had a few bumper stickers on it, including “Ankh If You Love Isis” (because we need more Egyptian puns, and Isis is wonderful) and one for the California Association of Midwives, of which I was a supporter and student member.

Being on a full size pickup, I had to stop often for gas, and two of them were memorable because of those bumper stickers.  Once I was minding my own business at the gas station, and a young lady approached me and said she was a photography student at nearby Cal State Northridge, and she wanted to take a picture of my bumper stickers.  Naturally I consented.  Then she walked up to me and asked what they meant!  After giggling to myself, I patiently explained the pun (Honk if you love suchandsuch), and she wandered off.

The other time another young lady asked about the midwifery bumper sticker.  She asked if my wife was a midwife.  I said no, I wasn’t married.  She asked if my ex-wife was a midwife.  I said no.  She paused, and asked if my sister was a midwife.  I said no, and wondered how many iterations it would take before she found the right answer.  As the poor thing stood there completely perplexed, I finally decided to be kind and told her *I* was a student midwife, the bumper sticker was mine.  I heard her paradigm shift without a clutch, and she walked off more than somewhat confused.


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